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Of course, Bertrand would like to realize his childhood dreams, even more so as he was successful so far. But the great challenges of our time are even more gripping for him. All his exploits in the air are applied to ser ving the quality - of - life causes that he holds dear as a doctor : sustainable development and renewable energies; the fight against poverty and the diseases of destitution; not forgetting the personal quests for health and fulfillment by the patients he has treated during his 25 years of activity as a therapist.

This explains his commitment as United Nations Ambassador to the education of women in the Third World, as well as his fight against Noma with the Winds of Hope Foundation, which he chairs after launching it in partnership with Brian Jones and Breitling. But above all this, he wants to promote a human-centered vision that leaves ample space for the pioneering spirit and for innovation in our everyday life. In launching the Solar Impulse program, he was motivated by the wish to promote clean technologies that enable our planet’s natural resources to be conserved. The desire to communicate these values is at the root of his work as a speaker, and of Solar Impulse’s educational program.

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«Our world–plagued as it is by unacceptable inequality, poverty, the suffering of the weak and the arrogance of the strong – has become a dangerous place, like a powder keg ready to explode. In the future, security will be achieved less by war than by social justice, fairness amongst nations, and aid to development, health and education.Looking after the poor is not only a moral imperative, it is above all a priority for achieving peace.»

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The purpose of Solar Impulse has not been to set records, but to promote clean technologies and the pioneering spirit. To spread their message, the co-founders and pilots of the project could not have conceived of a better platform than the United Nations Economic and Social Council in New York. On this occasion, the Secretary General of the UN saluted their dynamism and their determination to succeed with a project that many considered impossible : « André and Bertrand have exploited the energy of the sun to conquer the air. I admire their courage. Perhaps in future the UN Secretary General may move around by solar airplane […] You have made a giant step forward and sent a powerful message to all the world’s citizens.»

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