Putting his reputation as an explorer and his sensitivity as a doctor at the service of progress, the environment and quality of life.

A humanitarian, Bertrand Piccard believes that a pioneering spirit of innovation is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Whether it be for protecting the environment, finding ways of reducing inequalities, or combating poverty, he always encourages his interlocutors to adopt alternative ways of thinking and acting, and to focus on comprehensive solutions rather than problems. In support of this approach, he strives to rally the forces involved, raise public awareness and encourage political action.

His is a respected voice in the most important institutions around the world, such as the United Nations, the European Institutions, the COP, the World Economic Forum ... His commitment has earned him several distinctions, including Champion of the Earth and UN Goodwill Ambassador, for over 10 years now.

« Adventure in the 21st century means using human creativity and the pioneering spirit to develop the quality of life to which current and future generations are entitled. »
Bertrand Piccard
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