A new perspective: the insights of an explorer and doctor who brings fresh thinking to debates

Why was Bertrand Piccard asked to open the UN Social Summit, the Future Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi, or a session of the French Senate devoted to business creation? So as to have a different point of view. That of an explorer who challenges preconceptions; of a pioneer, independent of any lobby group or political party; of a doctor, too, whose top priorities are people and quality of life and who is skilled in leading debates; of a public speaker, finally, who can combine his experience of extraordinary situations with an inspiring delivery.

« L'esprit de pionnier ne consiste pas à trouver de nouvelles idées, mais à se débarrasser des certitudes et habitudes qui nous retiennent prisonniers de vieilles façons de penser et d’agir. »
Bertrand Piccard

Main interventions


  • World Economic Forum, Davos
  • World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi
  • Climate Week, New York
  • Festival of Thinkers - Abu Dhabi
  • Swiss Economic Forum
  • Movin’On, Montreal
  • Viva Tech, Paris
  • TED

Political Summits

  • United Nations
  • Clean Energy Ministerial
  • G7
  • European Parliament
  • Sustainable Development Commission of the French National Assembly
  • Parliament of the Swiss Confederation
  • Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs
  • Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Non-Governmental Organisations

  • IOC
  • ICRC
  • WWF
  • IUCN –International Union for Conservation of Nature


  • University of Louvain
  • Abu Dhabi Men's College (Higher College of Technology)
  • Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, Paris
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Arizona State University
  • Faculty of Medicine, Nice
  • School of Mines - Douai


  • National Geographic Society
  • Explorers Club
  • Smithsonian Institute
  • MEDEF - Mouvement des entreprises de France (Employers’ organization)
  • Fédération Aéronautique internationale
  • Circumnavigators Club
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« If everyone tells you that something is possible, that means your dreams are not big enough »
Bertrand Piccard


Christian Poncelet

President of the Senate

« Your presence was essential to the success of the Senate Meetings on business held in the Senate on 2nd February. The conclusion reached after the debates was enriched by your intervention which reflected your human qualities, as well as by your testimony which facilitated an impartial and constructive look at the relations between the economic and political worlds. »

Explorers Club

New York

« Those who were there during the evening described Bertrand Piccard's talk as a “life-changing” experience, so strong was its intellectual and emotional impact. »

Johann Schneider-Ammann

President of the Confederation, Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

« As usual, your charisma and intelligence filled the participants with enthusiasm. You have shown us what innovation is, how to make dreams come true and turn the impossible into the possible. »


International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’Association

« The hopes of the organizing committee were amply fulfilled in that this conference for the 40th anniversary of the International Federation will without doubt long be remembered as an exceptional event. The day of 23rd March was remarkable in every way. Your presentation was a moment of great attention and you will certainly have sensed the intense emotion among the attendees. »

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