Coming up Soon at COP 28

November 29, 2023 by Solar Impulse Foundation

Prior to the World Climate Summit at COP28, we will present a new narrative for climate action, one that recognises the ecological transition as an opportunity, not something to be suffered through.

Across 20+ points, Bertrand Piccard will provide tools to help policy leaders engage their citizens and counter the resistance and even denial that often emerge when discussing climate change. 

Today, climate action is portrayed as a sacrifice rather than as an exciting opportunity for a positive societal change. While many political leaders wish to embrace a more progressive agenda, this perspective can be unpopular, as they are punished by their electorate at the polls. With this playbook, we aim to provide leaders with an approach and language to convince citizens of the opportunities afforded to them by the ecological transition.

By underscoring the practical gains associated with sustainable practices, leaders can pave the way for a more optimistic and actionable approach to combating climate change. This strategic emphasis on tangible benefits is poised to inspire a collective effort towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

As Bertrand Piccard said: “Scepticism about the green transition is still strong. People often have reservations about the viability of green technologies or the credibility of their environmental impact. There is still a perception that we need to let go of our wealth, our comfort, to liquidate industry, to reduce consumption. People are fed up with this narrative. No one wants to make sacrifices, not even those who seriously believe in climate change. Our task is to highlight the gap between the real results and the misconceptions. Through rigorous research, transparent communication and tangible examples, we will demonstrate the viability and profitability of these solutions, and show that these fears are unfounded.”

The New Climate Narrative will be launched on November 30th on all platforms, with a reception being planned at COP 28 in collaboration with organisers UNFCCC and WBCSD.

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