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Bertrand Piccard is the initiator and visionary behind Solar Impulse, the very first airplane capable of flying perpetually without fuel. It is in his DNA to go beyond the obvious and achieve the impossible as he did with his two round-the-world flights, recently in a solar-powered airplane, and before that non-stop in a balloon. The ocean depths and the stratosphere attracted his father and grandfather; the challenges of our time fascinate him. Since he launched the first flight around the world in a solar airplane, his ambition has been to leverage a pioneering spirit for a useful contribution to the cause of renewable energies and clean technologies. With his dual identities as medical doctor and explorer, Bertrand has become a voice heard among the most distinguished institutions across the globe as a forward-thinking leader for progress and sustainability.

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19/10 - 2020

Has aviation become a scapegoat for climate change?

People are finally realizing that there is an urgent need to protect the environment and beginning to rise up against the excesses of a system that generates pollution and inequality—and not a moment too... - read more


23/09 - 2019

Are we truly capitalists?

As I told Heads of States at the recent G7 Summit in Biarritz, something has gone wrong in our economic system. Capitalism is meant to increase capital but what we are doing today is exactly the opposite:... - read more


06/09 - 2019

Cleaning up maritime transport

Three per cent. That is the contribution of the maritime sector to total global carbon emissions. It doesn’t sound all that much for a sector that ensures 90% of world trade and whose ships spend most... - read more


08/12 - 2020

Hydrogen – the Great Unifier?

For several months now, the pro- and anti-hydrogen lobbies have been waging a merciless battle in the media. It’s a miraculous solution for some, an enormous hoax cooked up by the oil giants for others.... - read more


04/11 - 2020

"Every human society’s duty should be to protect itself against the deviances of those who are destroying the planet"

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, deforestation has more than doubled worldwide. While half of humankind was busy grappling with a virus that seemed to be strongly linked to the destruction of biodiversity,... - read more


21/10 - 2020

10 counterarguments to understand solar energy

Even though fossils fuels are now more expensive than most renewable energies and are largely responsible for global pollution and climate disruptions, certain influential voices continue to deny that... - read more