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Why was the “Inspioneer” invited to open the United Nations World Summit for Social Development, the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi and a session of the French Senate devoted to the creation of new companies? So as to give these assemblies a new perspective. That of the explorer who challenges common assumptions, or the pioneer with no affiliation to any lobby-group or political party. Of the doctor too, who gives pride of place to human beings and their quality of life, and brings a different viewpoint to debates that are often cold and off-putting. Finally, that of the public speaker, of someone who has the ability both to describe his experiences in extreme situations, and to draw relevant lessons from them. In this way, Bertrand - above and beyond the presentations he makes for companies – is able to give free rein to his creativity at summits organized by international institutions and governmental bodies.


United Nations
European Parliament
Parliament of the Swiss
Senate of the Republic
of France
Sustainable Development
Commission of the French
National Assembly
Swiss Federal Department
for Foreign Affairs
Swiss Secretariat for
Economic Affairs


UICN - Union internatio-nale pour la conservation de la nature


World Economic Forum
World Future Energy Summit
Festival of Thinkers - Abu Dhabi
Swiss Economic Forum


National Geographic Society
Explorers Club
Smithsonian Institute
MEDEF - French Employers’ Federation



«Your presence was an essential element in the success of the meeting between Senators and Business Leaders which took place at the Senate. Your presentation, reflecting your own human qualities, and your testimony, lending an impartial and constructive view to the relations between the worlds of business and politics, greatly enriched the conclusion of the debates.»

Christian Poncelet,

President of French Senate

«The evening's keynote speaker Bertrand Piccard delivered what some attendees described as a “life-changing” presentation, packing a major intellectual and emotional punch into a brief 15 minutes.»

Explorers Club, New York

«As usual, you aroused enthusiasm amongst the participants with your charisma and intelligence. You have shown us what innovation is, how to make dreams a reality and make the impossible possible.»

Johann Schneider-Ammann

Swiss Federal Councillor, Minister for
the Economy, Training and Research

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