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11/03 - 2016

SGE Trip of the Year Award for Solar Impulse

For its 18th edition, the Sociedad Geográfica Española (SGE), which encourages nature conservation by rewarding pioneering spirit, decided to award its Trip of the Year Award to Solar Impulse. A prestigious trophy which has been handed out to several great explorers of all ages such as Miguel Ángel Gordillo and Albert Casals.


Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg began the Round-The-World flight in March 2015 and flew from Abu Dhabi to Hawaii. By flying a solar airplane day and night without a drop of fuel, they proved the efficiency of new, clean technologies, and showed that it’s possible to reduce our energy consumption. Indeed, the solutions picked to build the aircraft, such as lightweight materials, engines with a high efficiency, and great insulation, can be applied to our daily lives. The adventure will continue from April 2016 on to fly back to Abu Dhabi, and the whole team is very eager to be back in the sky.



Michèle Piccard, Bertrand’s wife, attended the ceremony which brought together many members of the world of exploration, travels, adventure and geographic investigation. There to congratulate Solar Impulse were the Swiss ambassador in Spain - Solar Impulse has always been proud of being an idea born in Switzerland -, as well as representatives from our main partners Schindler and ABB, and a whole team from Swiss Re and Altran which helped us find adapted technologies for Si2.




“Our adventure shows that we can improve our quality of life while preserving the resources of our planet, explained Michèle. Our goal is also to open a new path for young generations, so as to inspire them to achieve things thought impossible today.”


Each award that Solar Impulse receives helps the project to share its message and achievements. The plane might be landing in Seville on its way back from New York to Abu Dhabi, which would be a great way of thanking the SGE!