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Questions & Answers
13/09 - 2013

Questions & Answers

1) Your motto in life? 
Get rid of the certainties and explore the unknown.

2) Your greatest strength? 
I always try to reach the impossible, and often I succeed.

3) Your greatest weakness? 
I usualy see the final goal and not so much the problems I will have to solve in order to reach it.

4) Your hardest lesson in life? 
To ditch in the Mediterranean Sea only 6 hours after taking off for my first attempt to fly around the world non-stop in a balloon.

5) When do you lie? 
I learned since my childhood that it is always simpler to tell the truth.

6) The most important invention of the last 100 years? 
The antibiotics.

7) Your favorite gadget? 
My Swiss Army Knife. It's a family tradition.

8) Your favorite app? 
Weather Pro. And Solar Impulse, of course!

9) Your favorite artist? 
Leonard Cohen.

10) What talent would you like to have? 
To sing.

11) Best place in the world? 
Lake Inley in Burma.

12) An adventure you always wanted to do but never dared to? 
I dared everything I wanted, but there is one I cannot afford: going to space.

13) A technology that is under-rated? 
The CleanTechs that would allow us to save tremendous amouts of energy if only we were to use them!

14) A person that is over-rated? 
So many people are over-rated that I cannot give just one name!

15) For what would you happily spend money for? 
I never spend money happily, even if I love the things I can buy thanks to money.

16) What title should bear a portrait of you? 
Interested in human values as much as in exploration.

17) What was your first car? (model, colour, year approx.)

A second hand yellow VW Golf in 1977.

18) What was your biggest extravagance? 
When I was 13, I put some teargas in a gastronomic restaurant where my parents were eating with friends.

19) Who or what would you want to be for one day? 
A Pop singer giving a concert in a stadium with one hundred thousand people.

20) A dream? 
To see our world dividing by two its consumption of fossil energy in the next 15 years.

21) How do you want to die? 
In a way that would allow me to understand clearly what there is on the other side...