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Phoenix, the city of Milton Erickson
04/05 - 2016

Phoenix, the city of Milton Erickson

If Phoenix is today the city of Solar Impulse, for decades it was that of Milton Erickson, the inventor of modern hypnosis. The son of a farmer, Erickson, who became a psychiatrist, was the first to use hypnosis not in a directing and authoritarian manner like his predecessors, but rather to stimulate the subconscious resources of his patients. Today, Jeff Zeig is pursuing his work under the aegis of the Milton Erickson Foundation, which has satellites in numerous countries.

It was this hypnosis that I learned at the start of the 1990s in order to manage stress, fatigue and sleep for the transatlantic crossing by balloon. Fascinated by its efficacy, I then followed a complete course of training in hypnotherapy. I could not at that time have imagined that Milton Erickson, probably one of the greatest pioneers of psychotherapy, would accompany me twice over the Pacific, by balloon and in a solar aeroplane!