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Official Internet Technology Partner
16/09 - 2013

Official Internet Technology Partner

During Larry Page's visit to Solar Impulse at Moffett Field, CA last spring, we could sense his excitement and interest in our endeavor. We began to imagine all the things we could do together. And we’d already done a lot together during our Across America mission. A good part of our success in being able to reach out to the public came from using several key Google platforms. Many of you followed the Google Hangout, which was streamed live with James Cameron, Erik Lindbergh and Elew during our last leg from Washington DC to New York City. It’s not a surprise that so many of you joined us for this flight, as Solar Impulse was featured on Google’s home page, an unprecedented offering and service. 

And today, here we are! Google becomes Solar Impulse’s Official Internet Technology Partner and will be featured on the airplane with our Google+ URL, Quite logical when we see all the values we share, like pioneering spirit, innovation, engineering excellence and clean technologies to protect natural resources.

The collaboration we enjoyed with Google this summer gave us a taste of all the great things we can do for the 2015 Around the World Journey. Together we will cooperate on our web and social media platforms. Applications such as Google Earth, Google Glass, Google Hangouts, Google+ and YouTube will provide our supporters with the necessary tools to follow each step of the 2015 adventure.

Financially, this is also an important milestone in our program. It marks a new chapter and illustrates the interest raised worldwide by Solar Impulse as we have now a large US company joining our existing Swiss and European Partners. 

It's always the same: when we fly in Europe we are Swiss, but when we fly in the USA, we become global! Yes, the Across America mission last summer was a complete success. 



Viktoria Dijakovic