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Nanjing, April 21, 2015
05/05 - 2015

Nanjing, April 21, 2015

It's the team's flight just as much as it's mine. Held up for 3 weeks by the weather in Chongqing, we were beginning to despair of ever finding a good slot to reach Nanjing. Andre had to return to Switzerland for treatment of shingles, so I took his place in the cockpit at the last moment.


What an unexpected gift ! The meanders of the Yangtze, disappearing and reappearing behind each summit; wooded mountains, sculpted by sheer cliffs and deep gorges; thousands of tiny lakes reflecting the setting sun; and here and there enormous cities of several million inhabitants, whose names I've never heard before.


And just beyond the lights of Nanjing, a triumphant welcome from the team, in proportion with their hopes and their fears of not seeing the aircraft arrive. A moment of happiness that gives me comfort at the moment when an sms arrives giving me news of the death of a person I was particularly fond of.


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