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Mandalay, March 19, 2015
15/04 - 2015

Mandalay, March 19, 2015

Seventeen years after my second, failed round-the-world balloon attempt, which ended in Burma, here I am on the approach to Mandalay airport. This time it’s a complete success. André tells me by radio to expect the most enthusiastic welcome ever granted either to Solar Impulse 1 or 2.

Behind me lie the Bay of Bengal and the Meghna Delta, where floodplains intersperse with meanders to create one of the most beautiful sights nature can offer. I flew at over 200 km/h thanks to one of my friendly jet-streams. And before me lies a country that rejoices in discovering that clean technologies and solar energy can be a source of social cohesion, peace and economic development.

It is night. My landing lights aren’t lighting up any of the pagodas. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to wallow again in the special aura of kindness and spirituality that once made such a deep impression on me...


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