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LIVE conversation between Bertrand Piccard and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
23/04 - 2016

LIVE conversation between Bertrand Piccard and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Bertrand Piccard just hung up his headset inside the Si2 cockpit. On the other end of the line, there was a room filled with over 500 World Leaders watching Bertrand in the cockpit and listening to a conversation between him and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

What a moment.

Today is not only Earth Day but the day when all World Leaders come together at the UN Headquarters in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

It is definitely not the first time Bertrand has heard the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s voice. They had previously met on two occasions: in 2013 upon their landing in New York during the Across America solar flights and at COP21 in Paris last November.

“Now we move from science to technology,” the spokesperson opened the discussion.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon started with “Hello Solar Impulse. Hello Captain Piccard. Where are you now flying?”

Bertrand continued by explaining the significance of the event where over 500 countries gathered: “What you are doing today in New York, signing the Paris Climate Agreement is about more than protecting the environment. It is the launch of the clean technology revolution.”


Ban Ki-moon continued by announcing, “While you are making history, we have also made history today. More than 175 countries signed the climate change agreement.”

What an incredible outcome of the meeting.

Doris Leuthard, the Vice President of Switzerland, also contributed a message for Bertrand: “Clean technology is the future. I think it’s the most inspiring project since the flight to the moon. But with solar energy and renewable energy, what we need is proof that it is possible to make a change.”


Finally, at the end of the 5 minutes, Ban Ki-moon closed by saying “Thank you for your leadership and inspiration. I wish you a smooth flight. You are leading us all into an exciting new era.”

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