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09/09 - 2013

Hermes Prize for Innovation

On June 12, 2013, Solar Impulse Co-Founders Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, represented by Director and CFO Philippe Rathle, were awarded the Hermes Prize for Innovation in the category “Human Adventure” during the 6th National Meeting of Directors of Innovation at the Sorbonne.

The Hermes Prize for Innovation is meant to honor those companies and organizations that have best been able to integrate innovative humanist values in their products and services. This prize is one of excellence based on a careful, multi-criteria analysis of the company or organization’s investment in the improvement of the human condition, the relationship between humans, the future of a city and in sustainable human development.

The theme of this year’s event was “Innovation to emerge from the crisis” where 35 of the most successful and innovative companies and organizations gave speeches to an audience of 450 innovation professionals. Many of today’s leading companies were actually born in a time of crises like Ford, Gillet and Airbus, to name a few. It’s during a crisis that the innovative spirit needs to surface and help the world emerge from the economic slump. Solar Impulse was awarded this prize thanks to its pioneering attitude and innovative spirit to explore solutions for the future.

Hermes, in Greek mythology, is the God of ingenious intelligence but also a God that offers himself for the projects of others. He encourages humans’ entrepreneurial spirit, supporting them while also being himself an explorer. The prize, a reproduction by the Louvre of the bicephalous statue of Hermes, on one side, and Dionysus, on the other is a symbol of innovation, of maturity.


Left: The image represents the multi-criteria evaluation done by the “Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation”. 


Viktoria Dijakovic