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Hawaii, 20 years later
05/04 - 2016

Hawaii, 20 years later


Some of our dreams do come true. And I’m not talking about my dream of becoming an explorer after having met most of the Nasa astronauts in Cape Kennedy during my childhood. No, it’s something else.


At the end of the 1990s, I was admiring the pictures of a colossal solar drone flying over Hawaii. Its 70-meter wingspan and 12 electric engines seemed completely surrealist to me. It had been built by Paul MacCready’s company for a Nasa program led by the US Department of Defense. An inaccessible level for the little Swiss I was, and yet I was already dreaming of having something similar, but with a cockpit and a pilot to replace the remote control and go around the world.



Last week in Hawaii, a similar gigantic silhouette was flying over the islands, but this time it was Solar Impulse. André and I were finishing our training flights to be able to continue our Round-The-World Solar Flight. Such emotions, realizing how far I've come in 20 years. The sweet feeling of a victory of the private sector over the state, of the civilian over the military, of the small over the big, of hope over discouragement, of reality over the impossible.


It just goes to show that with an admirable team, innovating partners, and an unshakable faith in clean technologies; with curiosity, perseverance and respect, anybody can achieve their dreams.


Bertrand Piccard


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