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Flight summary from Bertrand Piccard
21/04 - 2015

Flight summary from Bertrand Piccard

Flight was more difficult for MCC than the pilot. For three weeks the Monaco Mission Control team has been trying to identify weather windows to allow us to fly. It’s been very difficult to find simultaneously suitable conditions in Chongqing, Nanjing and along the route.

Today’s flight is like a miracle, because the weather was bad yesterday and will be bad tomorrow: the MCC finally managed to find the useful window.

It’s been fantastic we’re finally on the way to Nanjing, where we can prepare for André to make the first Pacific leg to Hawaii.

For me it’s been beautiful but I’m disappointed for André: he was supposed to fly today. Unfortunately he’s been in Switzerland recovering from health problems. So I thank him.

My main impression of flying across China is admiration for the varied nature of the landscape. It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve seen absolutely gorgeous, sharp-edged mountains surrounded by forests, dams to collect hydro-electric power and then suddenly huge cities, probably containing more people than the entire population of Switzerland!

I flew over a special place I loved: it was covered with long lakes, all shaped like jagged knife cuts between the mountains.  Then, at nightfall, I saw thousands of small lakes shining red, reflecting the setting sun. Then I was swallowed up by the darkness as I arrived in the direction of Nanjing.

I flew over some beautiful places that I’d like to revisit on holiday.