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20/01 - 2016

Around the World without Fuel or Fear at World Economic Forum in Davos

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, on January 20th, I was honored to discuss the “Around the World without Fuel or Fear” with Al Gore and André Borschberg.  

Here is the resumé of “Around the World with no Fuel or Fear” discussion:


A warm introduction by Al Gore: many believe that the climate crisis is the number one threat to the global economy.


He draws the connection between what happened in Paris and what will happen at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the coming days with the “Climate Delivery Action Agenda”. He contextualizes the WEF to other events in the past year, such as the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21). The results from the Paris Conference sent a signal to the WEF, making it one of the main topics in Davos this year.


Al Gore asked the following questions: Must we change? Can we change? Will we change? How will we accomplish the change that we can and must accomplish?


Bertrand acknowledges that the transition from a fuel-reliant society to a non-fuel-reliant society is demanding, however if society undergoes a paradigm shift, we can embrace the benefits of this transition: job creation, profit, economic development - even for emerging economies.


André exemplifies the shift in the strategy that had to occur during the creation phase of the solar airplane. They went from approaching an aviation company that told them their idea was impossible to approaching a boat company that had no expertise in aviation!


Bertrand reinforces the fact that we are free to think and dream, and we must not stop thinking about the future.


Bertrand discusses that we must embrace change in order to move forward and see the beauty in new solutions and the future.


André discusses the role of mind-set amongst change and the need to prepare for the worst when exposed to the unknown.


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