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Across America...
13/09 - 2013

Across America...

After 5'500 km of flight above the USA, Solar Impulse is now back in Switzerland. The Across America mission has officially come to an end. 


It wasn't easy everyday, but I knew from the beginning that we would very soon be nostalgic.A lot of memories are already coming back to my mind. As much as the adventure of flying a unique prototype day and night on solar power above so many iconic places,  the success is about the number and the quality of people who supported our message about clean technologies and renewable energies.  The United Nations Secretary General welcomed us in New York and the US Secretary of Energy did the same in Washington. Rock&Roll legend Chuck Berry, Google co-founder Larry Page, Richard Branson and Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham visited the plane as well as several state governors. André and I also had direct contact with 75'000 individuals through visits, events and speeches linked to our wish to inspire and motivate around pioneering spirit. 


When you fly in Europe, you are European, but you you fly in the US, you are followed worldwide. This explains the 8,5 billion media impressions Solar Impulse had in 4 months. Can you imagine what it will be during the round the world flight in 2015!


Bertrand Piccard