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ABB joins Solar Impulse as Main Partner
07/04 - 2014

ABB joins Solar Impulse as Main Partner

It was a personal dream to have ABB joining our family of partners, as we have exactly the same goal of improving the world by reaching more energy efficiency and saving natural resources of our planet. Whilst Solar Impulse wants to motivate people to use clean technologies, ABB produces them to bring them on the market. This illustrates how realistic the message of Solar Impulse is. ABB makes it possible for everyone to use electrical power as efficiently as on our solar airplane, and to enable renewable energy and sustainable transport.

With his background of engineer, André is elated as well. ABB is an ideal partner with its long history and rich heritage of technology innovation and this is exactly what also drives us. During the Official Presentation of Solar Impulse 2, on April 9, ABB will be joining the panel discussion around the topic “Meeting the Technological Challenges”.

By the way, have you noticed our new motto “Exploration to Change the World”? It fits so well with our new partnership.