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It is not only from his father’s family that Bertrand derives the various interests that have enriched his career. His scientific education stimulates him to open up to the external world, but does not satisfy the curiosity he had already as a teenager about the meaning of life and the way human beings function.

It was his mother, Marie-Claude, daughter of a pastor, who responded to his thirst for knowledge about philosophy and spirituality. Wishing to explore the «inner world» more deeply, he became a doctor, psychiatrist and hypnotherapist. His interest in medicine extends beyond Western doctrines and pushes him to seek answers to existential questions in various Asian countries. This has led him to immerse himself in various approaches deriving from oriental traditions, notably Taoism. He tries to extract from these complementary techniques that he can implement in his medical practice.

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«We eliminate from medicine the sacred aspects that talk of the redemptive power of illness, suffering and ordeal. Most forms of traditional medicine have never abandoned the sacred.Has the time not come for our own form of medicine, enriched with its undeniable successes, to renew its connections with this dimension?»

Extract from Thesis entitled
«Ordeal, a Learning Experience»

The art of healing comes not from the physician, but from God


Conscience is perceiving one’s soul

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