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A forward-thinking leader for progress and sustainability, Bertrand’s dual identities as a medical doctor and explorer give him a unique perspective on psychological capabilities and the way to manage changes and crisis. He is independent, not affiliated to a particular party or lobbying group, and as such is a trusted adviser and influencer for the development of new societal solutions, and a very sought after speaker for private and public audiences. The inspiration he received from other explorers and pioneers during his childhood gave him the desire to inspire young generations in return.

The breadth of Bertrand’s experiences brings credibility to his guidance, as he challenges others to embrace news ways of thinking. He is a born communicator, respected for not only achieving lofty goals but also demonstrating the steps needed to achieve them. For more than two decades, he has shared his experience in inspirational speeches for corporate or public audiences, treating topics such as achieving the impossible, creativity and innovation, crisis management, team work and communication. His words have the power to touch entrepreneurs as well as political leaders and children.

Referred to as the “Inspioneer,” Bertrand encourages others to challenge common assumptions by focusing on solutions instead of problems and showing how the fight against climate change is opening up new industrial markets and new opportunities for economic development. Bertrand has become an influential voice heard among the most distinguished institutions across the globe, including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the government of the United Arab Emirates, COP21, TED and the European Institutions. He has been appointed Champion of the Earth and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environmental Program (UNEP). Today he is leading the Future is Clean Initiative that brings together more than 420 organizations around the world toward a common goal of environmental progress through clean technology solutions.

Bertrand’ success lays in his ability to build bridges between extremes to develop synergies where others see oppositions. First with Solar Impulse, Bertrand promotes the reconciliation of ecology and economy. He also acknowledges that sustainability is not limited to the environment and therefore is actively committed to humanitarian causes. Bertrand chairs the Winds of Hope Foundation that he co-founded with Brian Jones and Breitling after the round-the-world balloon flight. Through this organization, he created the “No-Noma International Federation” to coordinate the eradication of Noma, a disease associated to extreme poverty, which roots lay in malnutrition and lack of hygiene.

Also an author, Bertrand is able to bring to life his experiences through writing. Even in the midst of a new challenge, he is documenting his experiences to share later. He wrote several best sellers and aims to use his pen as a tool to inspire the reader to greatness in their own lives.