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Was it his training as a doctor that roused Bertrand Piccard’s interest in the fight against poverty? It’s rather the opposite. He explains this by saying that human suffering has always frightened him, and that from the time he was a small boy he was already trying to face up to it with the tools then at his disposal. His actions have always been targeted on specific causes and in support of small associations that he well knows do sound work. The celebrity and financial fall-out from the round-the-world balloon trip gave him the opportunity to become personally involved and to launch campaigns in the field. This is how he came to create the Winds of Hope Foundation with Brian Jones and the owner of Breitling, before accepting nomination as a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador.

«Because of corruption and waste, humanitarian aid often gets a bad press. And yet it is absolutely necessary. Aid should raise questions in our mind about the imbalance in the world, split as it is between a society of excessive consumption and whole populations starving, between ultra-sophisticated technologies and total destitution. We need aid even to call into question the “short-termism” of our vision, forgetting as we do that humanity will not be able to advance very far by leaving half the population behind. To ring the alarm bell is not an act of naive solidarity, but well and truly an effort to secure the future of our planet.» (Bertrand Piccard)

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«May the spiritual world and the human world reap the harvest of great feats.»

Maxime Birmane

«To ring the alarm bell is not an act of naive solidarity but well and truly an effort to secure the future of our planet.»

Bertrand Piccard


While Bertrand Piccard was actively participating in the Climate Conference COP21 in Paris, he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations for their Environmental Program (UNEP). Bertrand will continue promoting the common values of UNEP and Solar Impulse during the second part of the Round-the-World, to convince the world's policy-makers, entrepreneurs and communities that a carbon-neutral world is not any less possible than flying around the world without fuel.




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