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A pioneer unconstrained by certitude and stereotypes, an explorer of the human spirit more than an adventurer, he rejects all dogmas other than the need for all-embracing curiosity. As an enthusiastic balloonist and aviator, Bertrand tackles challenges that others consider impossible. He made the first ever non-stop round-the-world flight in a balloon and launched the «Solar Impulse» project for a solar airplane, in which he flew from Europe to Africa without a single drop of fuel. A doctor and psychiatrist, he derives from his training in hypnosis and his interest in oriental philosophies a different focus, putting human beings and their quality of life in the foreground.

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«If I came back from my expeditions saying that I was motivated simply by a desire to break records, everyone around me would understand perfectly. But that’s not really what drives me. I prefer to drop the language of the adventurer and put across the messages that I really care about.»

Bertrand Piccard

A persuasive communicator, he has a striking way of always trying to build bridges between the extremes in order to develop synergies instead of oppositions. Through his books, lectures and interviews as well as in political encounters he tries to promote a human-oriented vision that leaves ample room for pioneering spirit and innovation in everyday life.

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«I shall never forget the moment when I watched the Apollo 11 rocket lift off, bound for the moon. I was 11 years old at the time. Wernher von Braun, the inventor of the Apollo rockets and a friend of my family, had invited me there. That is how I was able to observe the start live in Cape Canaveral. There and then I thought:‘These astronauts, who are now setting off for the moon, have a dream,and that dream is greater than the fear of failure. These heroes dare to do the impossible. They are doing something that no human being has done before them. That is true pioneering spirit.’ The moment was certainly a turning point in my life.»

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Following the successful crossing of the United States with a solar airplane, Darius Rochebin welcomes Bertrand Piccard on set for his program “Pardonnez-moi”* to interview him on this experience and on his opinion as an observer and actor of the environmental world.                 *forgive me 


Caught up in life’s turmoil, we are all looking for the road to success, composure, happiness, and wisdom. But have we developed the right tools for this? Bertrand Piccard combines his experience as an explorer, psychiatrist and specialist in hypnosis to offer original and sometimes disconcerting strategies for you to try out. In his book, which is readily accessible to anyone, he uses curiosity and challenges received wisdom to take a practical look at topics such as fear of the unknown, crises in life, human relations, and spirituality. How can doubts and open questions be used to boost our performance, unlock the benefits of hypnosis, draw advantage from ordeals, overcome suffering, and broaden our understanding of existence?

Trusting in the reader’s own ability to change, the author strolls along beside him on the path to “well-being”. With yourself, with others, with everyone. And he describes a few key reasons why you can live your life differently, even in the secrecy of your conscience, in the depths of your soul.