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The full moon meets the rising sun
25/03 - 2016

The full moon meets the rising sun

Bertrand Piccard was captivated by the full moon as he sat in the Si2 cockpit in Hawaii tonight. While the moon met Bertrand in the cockpit, the sun met the mission engineers in Monaco. As Si2 took-off into the night sky, Bertrand realised that he is likely to takeoff from Kalaeloa in one moon cycle should the weather permit. This means that there could only be one month left before Bertrand bridges the Pacific gap to reach the West Coast. Stay tuned to follow the next Solar Impulse flights.


“It was beautiful to fly #Si2 under the full moon tonight and I really enjoyed it. I even flew with the window open to feel the night breeze. My second landing was the best: a kiss landing. We call it like that because the plane touches down so smoothly that you can barely feel it.” 
- Bertrand Piccard


“I was pleased to see Bertrand Piccard flying today with #Si2. We are getting prepared for the next mission flight to West Coast and I’m happy to see the hard work from the whole team is paying off.” 
- André Borschberg


Bertrand left Kalaeloa at 6:41am UTC time and completed his final landing at 8:08 UTC, with two landings in between. Following his training flight last week, the goal of this flight was to perform night traffic patterns, where the engineers in Monaco focused on monitoring takeoff and landing. The weather tonight in Hawaii was clear, allowing a calm Si2 flight, in order to continue preparations for the ultimate Pacific Crossing.


Bertrand was pleased to be back, communicating with the engineers at the Mission Control Center in Monaco, as the flight landed smoothly. Don’t forget to subscribe; the best is yet to come!


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