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Paris 2024: going for gold in sustainability
24/04 - 2017

Paris 2024: going for gold in sustainability

Climate change is so often spoken about in a boring and depressing way, not engaging people or showing them how they can help solve the problem. We need initiatives presenting solutions and even opportunities. This is what we set out to do with Solar Impulse and our solar-powered flight around the world, demonstrating what we can do with clean technologies in the sky.

So you can easily imagine how thrilled I am to see Paris 2024 now wanting to do the same thing on the ground. Their vision is to run the first carbon-neutral Olympic Games and transform Paris into a laboratory for innovators developing clean and sustainable solutions.

Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic movement, said that the Games are “an act of faith in the future.” Paris 2024 embodies this sentiment perfectly. A carbon-neutral Olympics would be a first in the world of sport, and an example that it is possible. Maybe afterward it will become the norm, and all subsequent Olympics - and perhaps all major sporting events - will have to be carbon neutral as well.

This is exactly how we must talk about climate change, showing people the way forward and demonstrating the fantastic solutions that can be implemented to make our world cleaner and improve the quality of life. It’s an approach shared by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, where I am creating a network to share ideas and inspiration to tackle the environmental and health challenges of our time with profitable solutions.

I admire the vision and courage of the Paris 2024 organisers, and I fully support their candidacy to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. It can be a major change in people’s perception, and this is why it must happen.