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Bertrand Piccard is the initiator and visionary behind Solar Impulse, the very first airplane capable of flying perpetually without fuel. It is in his DNA to go beyond the obvious and achieve the impossible as he did with his two round-the-world flights, recently in a solar-powered airplane, and before that non-stop in a balloon. The ocean depths and the stratosphere attracted his father and grandfather; the challenges of our time fascinate him. Since he launched the first flight around the world in a solar airplane, his ambition has been to leverage a pioneering spirit for a useful contribution to the cause of renewable energies and clean technologies. With his dual identities as medical doctor and explorer, Bertrand has become a voice heard among the most distinguished institutions across the globe as a forward-thinking leader for progress and sustainability.

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06/02 - 2017

Hydrogen: the “40-year-old virgin” scenario

For the past 40 years, a clean world fueled by hydrogen was like sex for teenagers. Everyone spoke about it, but nobody was doing it. Today, the process is getting mature and it seems we can start to do... - read more


16/12 - 2016

Dare to be ambitious in 2017

Very often people believe that pioneers are the ones with new ideas. It’s not true. Everyone can close his eyes for a minute and come back with a lot of new ideas. But will he implement them? No; because... - read more


30/11 - 2016

Morocco: an energy ambassador for emerging economies

Morocco is a concrete example for emerging countries that solving climate change is a unique opportunity for profit and job creation and not an expensive problem requiring financial and behavioral sacrifices.... - read more


22/02 - 2017

Book launch of Objectif Soleil, the solar impulse adventure

It was the impossible dream that became a reality through perseverance and refusing to take no for an answer. The story of the first aircraft to travel around the world powered only by the sun has been... - read more


15/12 - 2016

Solar Impulse celebrates the end of the round-the-world adventure

Nearly five months after the final landing of our favourite revolutionary airplane in Abu Dhabi, we – that is to say the Solar Impulse team – celebrated the end of this extraordinary adventure of flying... - read more


22/11 - 2016

Solar Impulse 2 arrives back in Switzerland

Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) – the iconic and zero-fuel airplane with which our pilots Bertrand and André recently flew around the world  taking turns at the controls – was shipped back from the UAE to Switzerland... - read more